Did you know that you can do your own “retrospective” on WhatsApp?

The end of 2019 is getting closer and closer, and as in every year end, there are always those retrospectives . The Spotify made a recently showing Listens ranking artists from home user, and Facebook also always makes your and you can now make up the WhatsApp . I mean, it’s not quite a retrospective, but it can work as one for those who want to see how their interaction has been in the app . So, if you are interested in knowing with whom you most exchanged messages, photos and videos, come with Pure break that we explain everything.

Step 1: If you have Android, just go to Settings. For the iOS guys, just click on Settings.

Retrospective on WhatsApp: Step 1

Step 2: After that, you will choose the Data and Storage Usage option

Retrospective on WhatsApp: Step 2

Step 3: And then just click on Storage Usage

Retrospective on WhatsApp: Step 3

Step 4: With this, you will see your list of contacts – which will be organized in descending order.

Retrospective on WhatsApp: Step 4

Step 5: By clicking on each of the users or groups, you will be able to see who else has exchanged messages or shared media (photos, videos, stickers and even GIFs).

Retrospective on WhatsApp: Step 5

Furthermore, you can still delete what you don’t want to remember anymore and guarantee a new space on your cell phone. Jokes aside, Pure break knows that this is not an official WhatsApp retrospective. However, it’s a great way to see how we’re using the app and with whom we interact the most. So, who was in the first place on your list?

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