“Someone has to die”: all about the new Netflix series with Ester Expposto and Alejandro Speitzer

If you like “Dark Desire” you will like to know that there is a new suspense series coming on Netflix . And the best: also in Spanish for you to train the language a lot ! We are talking about ” Someone has to die ” which, in addition, brings Ester Expposto , from ” Elite “, next to her boyfriend Alejandro Speitzer , who plays Dário in the series starring Maite Perroni .

When will it debut?

The new production already has a date to debut in the streaming giant. Mark there on the calendar: October 16th!

Watch the first teaser

This Tuesday (9), Netflix released the first teaser and some images that you can see in our gallery above.


About the series

“In Spain in the 50s, a couple calls their son back to Mexico to introduce him to his bride. Little did they know he would arrive accompanied by a dancer,” reads the synopsis available in the catalog.

Well, the teaser and the title are already very suggestive, right ?! So you are already preparing for many mysteries, murders, confusions and, of course, period romance.

Animated GIF

Who’s in the cast?

Além by Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer, Carlos Cuevas, Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Mariola Fuentes, Isaac Hernández, Manuel Morón, Javier Pereira, Eduardo Casanova and Pilar Castro.

This is the first job of Expposto after leaving Carla in “Elite”, in the 3rd season . Spanish production returns to the catalog in its new season, but with a new cast .

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